Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Research Studies

The Comparison of Alemtuzumab and Rebif® Efficacy in Multiple Sclerosis (CARE-MSSM) I and II studies are designed to determine the safety and effectiveness of the investigational drug alemtuzumab as compared to the FDA-approved therapy Rebif (interferon beta-1a), in adults with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS). The studies will look for differences between these drugs on the progression of disability and in the number of relapses (flare-ups) and brain lesions caused by MS. The studies also will compare the side effects of the drugs and monitor for risks during and after treatment.

CARE-MS I and II study participants will receive the following at no cost:

  • Alemtuzumab or the FDA-approved therapy Rebif
  • Study-related monitoring and care from study doctors and healthcare professionals

To be eligible to participate in the studies, volunteers must be between the ages of 18 and 50 (CARE-MS I) or 18 and 55 (CARE-MS II) and meet specific criteria, including having a diagnosis of RRMS and first experiencing MS symptoms within the last 5 years (CARE-MS I) or 10 years (CARE-MS II).

Complete the online prescreener now to learn if you may prequalify. If you have questions and would like to speak with someone regarding the CARE-MS studies today, call 1-503-432-4725 or toll-free 1-888-389-MSCARE (United States only).